Grade 3 Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of English grammar that students start learning in grade 3. It is important to master this concept to effectively communicate and write in the English language. The purpose of a grade 3 subject-verb agreement worksheet is to help students practice and reinforce this skill.

A typical grade 3 subject-verb agreement worksheet will contain a variety of sentences with different subjects and verbs. The student`s task is to correctly match the subject and verb in each sentence. For example, a sentence could read, „The dogs (barks, bark) loudly.“ The correct answer would be „bark“ since „dogs“ is a plural subject and requires a plural verb.

Other common subject-verb agreement rules that students will learn and practice include:

– Singular subjects require singular verbs (e.g. The cat sleeps.)

– Plural subjects require plural verbs (e.g. The cats sleep.)

– Singular indefinite pronouns (such as anyone, someone, or everyone) require singular verbs (e.g. Someone knows the answer.)

– Plural indefinite pronouns (such as both, many, or few) require plural verbs (e.g. Many have tried.)

One helpful tip for students struggling with subject-verb agreement is to identify the subject of the sentence first and then determine whether it is singular or plural. From there, they can choose the appropriate verb.

It is important for students to practice subject-verb agreement regularly, especially in their writing. Errors in subject-verb agreement can make a sentence confusing or even change its meaning entirely. By using grade 3 subject-verb agreement worksheets as a tool, students can strengthen their understanding of this important grammar rule and become more confident writers.